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While impressive facilities and purpose-built buildings can create an impressive learning environment, a school’s greatest asset is undoubtedly its staff. Without inspirational and caring teachers, classrooms and learning areas remain lifeless shells. When visiting good schools, you can generally feel the energy and sense the positive atmosphere in and around the classrooms. Our teachers:
  • Are fully qualified, highly capable, caring professionals
  • Will know your children
  • Build positive relationships with your children and your family
  • Offer outstanding pastoral care
  • Ensure their pedagogy is informed by evidence from the latest educational research
  • Believe all children can grow, develop and learn
  • Assess constantly and question expertly to ensure they understand what your child knows and doesn’t know in order to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Having high expectations of the children and each other regarding courtesy, collaboration, effort and attitude
The vast majority of our teaching staff will have been trained in and worked with, the English National Curriculum. The school will also benefit from the management and specialist personnel of our Secondary School in Balik Pulau. POWIIS Primary welcomes parent involvement, as school and parents work together to build a strong and cohesive community for the children.
We are proud to introduce our academic staff team of Powiis Primary to you:
POWIIS Staff Opportunities

Teaching Opportunities

We are always looking for passionate individuals to be part of our POWIIS Primary family.

We are opening in September 2019 and will be looking for exceptional teachers, who are familiar with the English National Curriculum, in all age groups from the EYFS to KS2. We also looking for teachers of Art & Design, Bahasa and EAL. If you would like to join a forward-thinking and highly committed team, I welcome your application.

Job vacancies:

Currently, we do not have any teaching vacancies.