POWIIS Primary School Term Dates 2019-2020

February 18, 2019
POWIIS Primary School Term Dates

Meet + Greet

October 12, 2018
A casual event for parents to meet Marcus Sherwood, Founding Principal for POWIIS Primary. The campus is located in Tanjung Bungah and accepting registration for the September 2019 intake. Join us.

Arts within Primary Education

August 8, 2018
The arts are essential in life. They can shape and define who we are and how we understand ourselves. Every child is born with creative potential, but this potential may be stifled if care is not taken to nurture and stimulate creativity. Young children are naturally curious. They wonder about people and the world. Even… Read Now >

Teaching Science

July 5, 2018
The goal of science education is not knowledge of a body of facts and theories but a progression towards key ideas which enable understanding of events and phenomena of relevance to students’ lives. “Where science has a good profile within the school as a result of a dedicated leadership, and where staff are expected to… Read Now >

A Well-designed Library

June 28, 2018
The Primary School library should be a fun and exciting environment where pupils feel comfortable at any time of the day not just in library lessons. The pupil who is surrounded with good books of all kinds reaches out beyond the classroom routine and becomes involved in learning under the most productive system of all,… Read Now >

Construction Progress

June 18, 2018
Exciting time! The construction of POWIIS Primary is well underway, with the Early Years and swimming pool blocks taking shape first.

The Benefits of Good Nutrition and Daily Exercise for Children

June 13, 2018
Good nutrition and plenty of exercise are the building blocks for strong growth, healthy development and lifelong wellbeing for children. Statistics suggest that children are not eating enough healthy food with one in three children being overweight and about one in six being obese. They are also not getting enough exercise and it is essential… Read Now >

Why has POWIIS Primary School invested in a swimming pool?

April 19, 2018
Drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children, so being able to swim is an essential life-saving skill. Water safety is the only part of the English National Curriculum that will save children’s lives and in England it is now required for all children to be able to swim… Read Now >

The Advantages of the English National Curriculum

March 14, 2018
The English National Curriculum is used by the vast majority of schools in England and by thousands of International schools all over the world. It was first launched in 1988 and has been developing consistently since then, so is a very well-established and recognised curriculum. It is often described as a ‘broad and balanced’ curriculum… Read Now >

The Founding Head of POWIIS Primary – Mr. Marcus Sherwood

March 2, 2018
We are pleased to announce Mr. Marcus Sherwood will be joining us as the Founding Head of POWIIS Primary in September 2018. Over the past 25 years, Mr. Sherwood has worked at schools in New Zealand, England, Malaysia, and Korea. He is an experienced senior leader and is currently the Head of Primary at Dulwich… Read Now >