POWIIS Primary Vision

Our Vision

The Prince of Wales Island International Primary School aspires to provide, in Penang, an education for its students equal to the best on offer across the international sector.

Philosophy and Ethos

The three words in our motto, chosen to underlie the ambitions of the whole school, are truth, wisdom, integrity. While not in our motto, I would like to add a fourth- kindness. At every level, and for every member of the POWIIS community, these words are the foundations of our actions and behaviour.

Truth is prized in communication and honest reflection

Wisdom is gained through experience and understanding

Integrity is expected in personal standards and relationships

Kindness underpins all our interactions

At POWIIS Primary we believe school should be about empowering children, providing them with the skills, knowledge, understanding and nurturing they need to thrive. Through inspirational teaching and meaningful learning experiences we strive to develop, happy, confident and motivated children who are kind to others whilst working hard to achieve their goals.

  • It is imperative our students feel safe and secure when in school
  • We value and recognise the uniqueness of every member of our school family
  • Kindness underpins our relationships with each other
  • We understand the importance of building positive relationships and developing partnerships in the classroom and across our community.
  • We have high expectations for all within our community to ensure that we demonstrate the very best standards of conduct and integrity
  • We understand the importance of developing a child’s social and emotional health alongside their academic interests
  • We have a responsibility to promote a love of learning, the acceptance of a challenge and to build resilience in our students
  • We will help our students understand their role in the stewardship of the world in which they live

We will accomplish this by:

  • Placing student learning at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make
  • Developing innovative and effective teaching and learning experiences for the children
  • Providing an exciting, broad and challenging learning opportunities
  • Promoting a growth culture where students have the confidence to accept the challenges of new learning
  • Developing the trust and engagement of parents and guardians in the learning of their children and the expectation of good behaviour