Nurturing young minds through exploration after the school day.


Music will play an integral part of life at POWIIS Primary. From Nursery through to Year 6 all pupils will be given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of classroom and extra-curricular music activities. Experience, fulfilment and enjoyment for all are our top priorities in addition to aspiring to the highest of standards.


We will actively encourage pupils to participate at the best level they can and aim to equip every pupil with confidence and enthusiasm to enjoy sport and an active lifestyle both in school and beyond.


The clubs and activities programme will aim to foster pupil’s confidence, independence and breadth of interest both as individuals as well as within the framework of a team. Great emphasis will be placed on developing the whole child making sure there is a balance in their extra-curricular activities. At POWIIS Primary we aim to offer outstanding extra-curricular provision providing significant enrichment to pupil’s educational experience.